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Entire savings are invested into the offshore brokerages! Unfortunately, the story is of individuals finally waking up to the fact that they were scammed is all too common.

Are You Aware That You Could Receive a Large Refund Just For Using This New Startup's Service?

Professional scammers, market online trading as easy and as a very profitable venture, anyone with a computer can easily manage. Account managers want the most unsuspecting, inexperienced individual – who they can persuade to deposit higher and higher sums of money.

For a long time, there was no easy way to claim your lost money from all of these huge Binary options companies. Now, all that is changing. Thanks to this new startup, Better Shields, the information you need to help you recover your stolen money can be found in one place.

I’ve Been Scammed! Now What? Here’s What You Should Do Right Now

Falling for a scam is something most people will not admit to. Scammers know this and use it to their advantage, but you have no reason to feel embarrassed. 

If you have been scammed and victimized, we highly suggest contacting a fund recovery service called Better Shields, luckily, the whole process to funds recovery is quick and simple! All you have to do is take a single, free, no obligation check online here.

Ever Traded With Binary Options? You could be due a refund

How Does It Work?

Better Shields  gathers the business intelligence on the binary options company you traded with in order to assess your claim’s viability then they tackle the companies in two ways: by pressuring the brokers themselves, and by pressuring banks and payment processors that handle their money.

Justin M., an auditor from Ohio in the United States who lost about $250,000 to a binary options firm said “These [recovery] companies are really a blessing, Sure they take a cut like any business, but they give an address to victims who have nowhere else to turn and they dig up information that lawyers can’t.

It’s really no wonder that so many people have managed to claim their stolen funds, Better Shields is gaining momentum and is an efficient source that is turning the law into a tool to gain restitution for victims. Just imagine what you could do with the money you recovered.

Conclusion: Should I Use Better Shields Services?

Scammers are good at their job. This is their chosen profession. In fact, your embarrassment is the key to their continued success. It is time to end their success by taking action and to go after what is rightfully yours.

How Do I See if I Qualify To Claim My Money Back?

Step 1: Go to their official site at

Step 2: Fill out the form

Step 3: Get a free no obligation consultation with one of Better Shields’ paralegal advisers.

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